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i am here again [11 Nov 2009|11:33am]
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и вот я четвёртый день живу в праге. [10 Feb 2009|10:25pm]

bryksenkova yelena
kolej mikoláše alše
na výšinách 2, 311
170 00 praha 7

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you know, fun, like, ha-ha-ha-ha! ha! [01 Feb 2009|05:52pm]
a. telephoned and asked what i was doing, and when i said, "reading," he said, "please don't tell me you're reading that disgusting sequel thing." let me explain. i found a mutilated beyond recognition copy of "breaking dawn" at the book thing, and adopted it, because it is filled with a lifetime of dramatic reading opportunities. yes, i admit that there was a time when i was briefly intrigued by the the land where moody vampires with liquid topaz eyes sparkle in the sunlight, boring and whiny girls get things that they never dreamed of and most certainly don't deserve, and everyone feels much chagrin.  and then i read it.   and was bewildered by it and so the intrigue died a quick and painless death.  now it's for the laughs, i swear! (+ pragueblague!)
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attack of the nesting dolls [26 Jan 2009|11:40pm]

ta-daa! well it's about time i got these done and done and done and done and done. it's only been what like two years since i got them. i got through almost both seasons of "twin peaks" while working on these suckers in the last two weeks.
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[25 Jan 2009|12:42pm]

"and this great idea of yours? i was just beginning to understand it so well. it was really a star, a star you were heading toward. you can't fail to reach it. hearing you speak, i felt that nothing would hold you back, nothing, not even me....you could never see this star as i do. you don't understand: it's like the heart of a heartless flower."
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everything is connected [20 Jan 2009|12:43pm]

i'm in print! for the first time ever! i have a two-page spread in the latest and final issue of london-based amelia's magazine. i received my copy (№ 10, autumn/winter 2008) in the mail this week. the illustration is a response to the issue's theme, "everything is connected." ...Collapse )
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[18 Jan 2009|09:58pm]
that was my winter break. in other news, i finally finished the epic tale of harry potter, after all of these years. i will really miss those kids.
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[14 Jan 2009|03:45pm]

this is northeast ohio. the snow muffles all sound, but i still have trouble sleeping. on monday, haruki murakami turned sixty years old. his books are my favorite in the whole world, yet i have less to say about them out loud than i do about any other book. i am learning to draw the feeling, though; all of those cold kitchens come from that distant place. my wish for myself is that i really learn how to slow down. everything is only as tedious as i make it. i should learn to love everything that i do, because i'm doing it, and it's me.
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[09 Jan 2009|09:34pm]
"adieu to disappointment and spleen.
what are men to rocks and mountains?"
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[09 Jan 2009|08:05am]
things this week that made my life sparkle with incandescent glee:

-yesterday's post in national geographic's intelligent travel blog
-this is so inexplicably fascinating.  why?  why?
-two left hand syndrome is over, i started drawing again
-pacific northwest + alaska specials on the travel channel this morning
-recado bossa nova
-ingmar bergman's "scenes from a marriage"
-"я буду какать и смотреть"
-"it takes ten years just to get your stinking leg up, then five more to make it not look like shit" (chinawoman, "russian ballerina")
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[03 Jan 2009|11:46am]

went bowling yesterday evening with the whole family. embarrassed myself as usual by sticking french fries in my mouth like fangs and saying "you are my life now," before realizing that i am inches away from a dashing and startled stranger. good start to a new year! i want this to be a good one, so, resolutions:

-have marvelous time in prague, exciting, educational, and happy. keep detailed written and visual accounts of my time there. write letters to and draw for people that i like.
-seize the day more
-close eyes and count to ten when i get annoyed
-some form of physical exercise every day
-drawing should be something i love to do every time, and do it more often
-become more aware of what goes on in the world
-improve russian vocabulary and grammar
-read more books
-learn basic czech
-look at myself less, look around more
-draw from life, especially people
-start saying "what's your damage?" and "drat!"
-listen to "echo of moscow" more
-show more interest in other people and ask questions
-stop being so aloof all of the time
-wear sunscreen every day
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[02 Jan 2009|02:50pm]

twilight is my favorite worst book i have ever read and i will laugh at it for the rest of my life. its greatest contribution to my existence is that now i sighingly look up photographs of the olympic mountain range and definitely want to live in the pacific northwest. i am on holiday in ye olde ohio, mostly reading and climbing trees and trying to think of new year's resolutions that i can actually keep. winding my spring. and, i finally started sketching ideas to paint my nesting dolls.
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[21 Dec 2008|11:19am]
i started a blog with my friends in which we give each other illustration assignments over the winter holidays, to avoid being lazy bumbags, of course.  i already have the following things to do:  a cover for pride and prejudice, finally paint my nesting dolls, any scene from the princess and the pea, and i have this idea for a surface design that i want to try out.
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inventory [19 Dec 2008|12:16am]
[ mood | whateverish ]


-i saw/heard beach house at sonar tonight and almost cried.  also i am the last person on planet baltimore who hasn't heard of them
-i am still mildly retarded
-i am convinced that "the snow maiden" is about me (a depressing thought indeed)
-everything i do is somehow an attempt to isolate myself, even prague
-hiding from the world in ohio for a month will be the bee's knees
-i want
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[14 Dec 2008|07:49pm]
i drank close to a gallon of white tea, ordered the books i want to read this month from the library, put on my running shoes and ran to the park like a maniac, circling the monument to robert e. lee several times. i did somersaults on my bed, washed the dishes, slapped my face, called my mom, and ate the entire contents of my fridge. and yet i still cannot get started on the eight-page essay on some aspect of french feminism that is due at four o'clock tomorrow. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel of finals week; it's been nothing but sweatpants, moping, and debussy, none of which have managed to calm me down.
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vampires! [28 Nov 2008|01:25pm]
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i got home to find the missing link to my schengen visa application waiting for me in the mail! i was in new jersey with k. for thanksgiving weekend.  we went to the cinema to see twilight.  he went ironically, i went with a light heart.  and let me tell you something, i thought it was so romantic.  ha! hahahaha!
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doll design [26 Nov 2008|07:06am]


for character development
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[22 Nov 2008|02:28pm]

без любви, без судьбы, без вины
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vicky cristina barcelona [22 Nov 2008|02:15pm]

the latest woody allen film
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carphone [15 Nov 2008|01:38am]

carphone is my friends and illustration-studiers shannon may (ukulele) and becca stadtlander (xylophone). they are a 90s cover duo! tonight was their first performance, and we came out to see them at charm city art space. ...Collapse )
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